Hire and sell without using money

Krowth’s platform allows companies to hire and sell services between each other without using money.

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How it works

1. Publish

Create your profile at Krowth and publish the services your company offers and the ones you need.

2. Agree

Find a buyer or a seller, agree the transaction price (in Krowth credits) and the terms of delivery.

3. Done!

When both parties are happy with the result, the transaction is completed and the platform will release the payment in Krowth credits.

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A new way of doing business


Take advantage of underutilized resources in your company.

Reduce costs

Use Krowth credits for what your company needs, instead of your cash flow.


Access international markets with committed to grow companies like yours.

New customers

Use the platform as a complementary sales channel, connecting with potential customers in international markets.

Be part of what we are building: an alternative economy that changes the way businesses hire and sell services between each other. Sign up now and receive extra credits by being one of the first companies in our network.